Weight Loss Tips

Water, with the consent of God, can prove to be miraculous for your target weight loss plan. Despite the fact that many of us normally seek weight loss options, yet, we usually tend to ignore the obvious – ‘water’ yes, it’s not just used to satisfy one’s thirst on the other hand also ensures a hale and hearty life with the extra benefit of weight loss.

How Drinking More Water eight

1. The vital point is to target heart rate for weight loss. Making use of sufficient quantity of water leads to thinning of the blood and, furthermore, optimizes the heart rate.

2. Water is good for our digestive system. Taking too much of water with food increases the possibility of dilution of gastric juices. Diluted gastric juices do not work on the food taken and therefore the transfer of food from stomach to intestines, take a lot of time. If water remains in the stomach for more time, it can cause improper digestion of food. Thus, appropriate energy from the food cannot be taken.

3. Nutritionists believe that by drinking a glass of water before food intake and minimizing the use of water during meals or after meals can cause appropriate digestion and absorption of the foodstuff.

4. Another significant fact is that drinking water before meal reduces the sensation of hunger. Consequently, having reduced amount of meal adds to percentage weight loss.

5. Water intake can cause burning of fat or calories. So it helps in losing body weight. For weight loss it is very noteworthy to burn body’s needless fat.

6. Additionally, it regulates bowel movements and causes less chances of obesity. Accurate eviction of feces from the body makes the gastrointestinal region powerful. More resident time of foodstuff in gastrointestinal tracts leads to over absorption of food and improper digestion (constipation). So water intake lessens the chances of obesity.

7. To get rid of stored body fat, it is very important to mobilize it. If fat is immovable, it cannot be expelled from the body. By water, fat can be mobilized and burned. So, it assists in weight loss target.

8. Our body contains approximately 70% water, so for normal physiological systems to function, it is very important to drink water.

9. Water on the other hand also helps in detoxification. It eliminates toxins and other useless metabolites from body.

10. Because drinking water helps prevent muscle cramps and keeps your joints lubricated, you can work out longer and harder. Just another way that proper hydration helps you lose weight.


According to most scientists and other health care professionals, it is recommended to take at least 8-12 glasses of water every day (The usage may be increased or decreased in different seasons with the advice of a well-practiced doctor). For target weight loss, it is tremendously important to calculate water intake by discussing with a well-practiced physician. Usually dietitians recommend water intake that keeps urine crystal clear, not yellow. Weight loss, water for links.

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International Disabled Day 2017

world disabled day

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World Disabled Day

International disabled day

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e Rozgar Scheme

Government of Punjab has established e-Rozgaar scheme only in Punjab Province to provide training to budding freelancers and enhance their professional capabilities. So that the Government has somewhat overcome unemployment in the country.
But the government has set an age limit for it. Minimum age to apply is 22 years and maximum age to apply is 35 years. But in this regard the government has forgotten something special. That’s that People with disabilities who have been wandering in search of jobs for many years.e rozgarWhat will the government do about those disabled persons, Due to government ignorance whose ages have increased; because of the ignorance of both government and private institutions? Then what is the purpose of celebrating world disabled day every year.

I strongly request and Appeal to the Federal government of Pakistan. Please increase the maximum age to Fifty (50) years only for Person with Disabilities. We all Disabled Person of Pakistan will be very thankful and will be highly appreciated, If the Government of Pakistan took a good step towards it.

Read this Article in the Newspaper (The News).

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Hazrat Data Gunj Bakhsh

data sahibgunj bakhsh

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sheikh ahmed bin abdullah debli sindhi

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sheikh al kabir abu ali sindhi (third century)

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