Special CNIC for Special or Disabled Person in Pakistan.

President of Pakistan has inaugurated the Special CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) Project for special persons/disabled persons on August 10’ 2009. Disabled Person may go to nearest District Headquarter Hospital DHQ (Hospital) and met with Social Welfare Officer there. Fill the form, submit there and get a date for medical board. After clearance from medical board you will be issued disability certificate. Submit this certificate along with your CNIC and get special persons CNIC from NADRA after few days. The disability certificate can be obtained from Ministry of Social Welfare (NCRDP) and also from Provincial or District Social Welfare Offices. This card will enable special persons to get benefits from Govt.’s beneficiary programs.

Special Persons can get this special NIC from any of NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) branch offices throughout Pakistan on the basis of disability certificate.

Advantages of Special CNIC of PWDs.

1. 50 % concession in Air and Rail Fare

2. Provision of Insurance cover to handicapped persons without guardians or source of income

3. Entitlement for micro-credit finance to handicapped persons for any trade

4. Duty free import for vehicles for handicapped persons

5. Immediate amendments in building control regulations to ensure easy /special access to handicapped

6. Provision for wheelchair access on streets for handicapped.

7. Provision of special parking space for vehicles in use of handicapped in all future buildings

8. Free medical treatment for himself/ herself, children and parents in all government hospitals PWDs.

Guidelines for Getting Disability Certificate and Special CNIC:

Disability Certificates

To facilitate the Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), Government of Pakistan has started issuing special National Identity Cards (NICs) carrying a disability monogram on it. For obtaining special NICs, Persons with Disabilities have to go through a medical checkup conducted by a Medical Board at Social Welfare Offices, situated in all districts of Pakistan.

Special CNIC

On getting Disability Certificate from respective Social Welfare Office, the candidate will apply for obtaining special National Identity Card (NIC) at NADRA office of his or her respective district. After a certain period, the NADRA office will issue the special NIC to the applicant.


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