Apple iPhone 5

Apple has released a new phone known as the iPhone 5 which has subsequently numerous new features. We take another look at Apple’s flagship. This is the up-to-date installment in the smartphone series that changed the mobile phone industry and we can understand people couldn’t wait. Now, what is it they couldn’t wait for? The iPhone 5 is much larger than previous models, containing a 4 inch screen and does just about everything you would expect a mobile phone to do ‘with additional features obviously’. The iPhone 5 is thinner than the previous models of iPhones and is greatly lighter making it easy to handle.

iPhone 5

There’s also the new slender, slimmer body that no photos really do justice to. If all of Apple’s claims are true then the iPhone 5 is a tangible engineering masterpiece and stunning success – double the performance in a more compact package without losing anything in terms of battery life. The general structure of the iPhone 5 is outstanding.
This model of iPhone comes with a retina display which the previous models of iPhones did not have. The iPhone 5 comes in both black and white Just like previous models of iPhones. The iPhone 5 is supplied by all major mobile phone suppliers. One of the most interesting new features of this phone is Siri. Siri is like your personal assistant and can help you with anything you need. If you need to know what the weather is like you can ask Siri and Siri will respond. Siri can also find directions even let you know about places where you can eat which are nearby.

iPhone 5 a

This iPhone 5’s camera is brilliant compared with previous models of iPhones on the market. The iPhone 5 is much faster than the previous models of iPhones and can connect to both 3G & 4G services, the iPhone 5 is setup with Wi-Fi which enables you to connect a laptop while you’re on the go, ‘proving you have a wireless card installed on your laptop or external PC. You’re able to send text messages, make phone calls and check your email all from this device. It will allow you to download music from iTunes and access the Apple App Store. You can play games and check your social networking accounts as well.

If you want a smartphone that will do the whole thing for you and you are already a enthusiast of Apple products, you will certainly want to consider getting the new iPhone 5.

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