Ph.D. Funding in Geotechnical Engineering – Kunsan National University South Korea:

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Kunsan National University, Kunsan City, South Korea invites applicants for a Ph.D. Scholarship in Geotechnical Engineering. The minimum term is 4 years comprising of 2 years academic work and 2 years research work. The successful Ph.D. scholar will be performing computational, laboratory, and field research works on the ‘Application and Design Optimization of Geocontainment Tubes (Geotubes) for Embankments and Shoreline Protection of Reclamation Works in South Korea’. The Ph.D. scholar must be fluent in written and spoken English as he/she is expected to write reports and related researches and publish them in domestic and international journals and present in civil engineering conferences. 

The Ph.D. scholarship benefits include the following:

a) Free tuition and school fees 

b) Free dormitory fees with serving of food 

c) Free one round tour air fare for a one month vacation per year to home country 

d) Free thesis expenditure fees 

e) $500 USD monthly living allowance for personal expenses 

Interested applicants may submit their CV with cover letter for assessment to:

  • Prof. Hyeong-Joo Kim 


Tel: +82-11-2873395 

  • Dr. Jose Leo Mission 


Tel: +82-10-21171597 

Application Deadline: 30 November 2012.


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