PhD Position in Computer Science, Department of Information Technology Sweden:

The Department of Information Technology embraces and holds a leading position in research in addition to teaching at all levels. The department has approximately 200 employees, as well as 80 senior faculty and 80 PhD students. In excess of 3000 students are enrolled in one or more courses annually. More info: 

The position will be within the Uppsala Programming for Multicore Architectures Research Center (UPMARC, and performed in the computer architecture group, working together, collaborating with the scientific computing and programming languages groups. 

Short explanation of the subject area:

Task-based programming systems provide a layer of abstraction that makes it easier for both programmers and runtime systems to reason about parallelism and performance in heterogeneous parallel systems. So far to obtain the most from modern hardware, tasks must be tuned for the processor and memory system, and scheduled to minimize resource contention. This needs an intelligent runtime system that can understand, realize task properties, reason about system performance and resources, and provide feedback to the application about the kind of task to create, form. 

The topic of the PhD research will be developing methods for improving performance and energy efficiency of task-based programs on homogeneous and heterogeneous systems. This will include analyzing task behavior across emerging application domains, developing techniques, skills for feeding back runtime performance information to tune task creation, and using advanced profile information to optimize scheduling for performance and efficiency. The research will include both modeling and implementation, and will leverage the advanced analysis and modeling tools developed by the computer architecture group. 

Qualifications required:

Candidates should have a Master of Science in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or equivalent. Experience in software development, parallel programming, programming GPUs, performance evaluation, and a good understanding, know-how of computer architecture are significant. The position is for a maximum of five years and includes departmental duties at a level of at most 20% (typically teaching) in addition to course studies. You will be expected to teach in Swedish or English. Excellent skills in spoken and written English are an absolute requirement. 

Working in Sweden:

Sweden is an incredible place for living and working. Swedes are friendly and speak exceptional English. High standard of living, with a strong importance on outdoor activities. The Swedish working climate emphasizes an open atmosphere, with active discussions involving both junior and senior staff. As a PhD student you are regarded as a regular employee, which entitles you to paid holiday. Healthcare is free of charge after small co-pay and the university subsidizes athletic costs, for example a gymnasium membership. The parental benefits in Sweden are among the most excellent in the world, including extensive parental leave (for both parents), paid time off to care for sick children, and reasonably priced daycare. 


The application must include a short (1-2 pages) statement of the applicant’s motivation, enthusiasm for applying for this position, including 1) the candidate’s research interests, 2) relevant qualifications for the position, 3) reasons for wanting to obtain a PhD, 4) and reasons for selecting this specific project. The applicant is encouraged to comprise a short personal statement as well. Applications without the required motivation will not be considered. The application must also include a CV, degrees and grades (translated to English or Swedish), a copy of Master thesis (or a draft thereof), publications, other relevant documents, and the most basic possible starting date. Letter(s) of recommendation and contact information for references should be provided directly by the references through the online application system. 

The department is striving, endeavoring to attain an additional equal gender balance and female candidates are predominantly invited to apply. 

More Information:

  • Lecturer David Black-Schaffer,

Ph: +46 18 511925,


  • Representatives of the trade unions are: Anders Grundström, Saco-rådet, and

Ph: +4618-471 5380,

Carin Söderhäll, TCO/ST, 

Ph: +4618-471 1996, Stefan Djurström, Seko, +4618-471 3315. 

Additional Information

Application Deadline: 3 December 2012


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