PhD position in Pharmaceutical science Department of Pharmacy Sweden:

The Department of Pharmacy put forward an inspiring work environment in research and teaching in the Pharmacy disciplines. Our research and teaching programs center of attention on our core disciplines, i.e. biopharmaceutics, pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical physical chemistry, pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacoeconomy and pharmacy practice research. Information about the department and our research groups can be found on click here: The PhD project is associated to the research group Pharmaceutics, whose research centers on the question of how to formulate and combine different types of drug substances with excipients to enable a rational development and manufacturing of medicines. 

The PhD student will work in the project modeling the behavior of granular materials under confined conditions. The on the whole objective of this project is to provide tools to model the mechanical response of powders on the particle level, especially at high packing density, as during manufacturing of tablets through confined compression. To achieve this goal, a combination of experimental and theoretical studies is necessary that are based on how single particles behave when loaded in different ways. The PhD project will thus cover experimental characterization of the mechanical properties of individual particles in order to formulate the appropriate contact models for the interaction between particles.  

These contact models will eventually be used to study characteristics, aspects of powder compression with the Discrete Element Method. The PhD project will also include evaluation of the obtained contact models, mainly through comparisons with relevant experimental data, other than also by comparisons with results from simulations with alternative methods, especially the combined Finite and Discrete Element Method. In summary, the PhD project will mainly encompass experimental work but will also provide exceptional opportunities for theoretical elaboration. 

Information about postgraduate studies, including eligibility requirements and admission rules, can be found at click here

Selection of candidates:

Selection of candidates is made by the supervisor in consultation with the department’s group for postgraduate studies. The PhD student will be formally adopted by the Committee for postgraduate studies and pay placement is done according to local guidelines at Uppsala University. 

Candidate should have:

The holder of a PhD-student position shall primarily devote her/his time to own research studies. Other departmental work, for example educational or administrative can be part of position (max 20%). Local guidelines at Uppsala University determine the salary. The application should include a CV, authorized copies of degrees and transcripts of academic records and a letter of intention (max 2 pages), where you describe yourself, your research interest and research know-how. Additionally the application should include relevant publications, a copy of the Diploma work and contact information for as a minimum two references. 

For further information contacts:

Dr Göran Frenning, 

  • Tel: +46-18-471 4375, 
  • Email: 

Union representatives are Anders Grundström, SACO-rådet, 

  • Tel: +46-18-471 53 80, 

Carin Söderhäll, OFR-S/ST, 

  • Tel: +4618-471 19 96, 

Stefan Djurström, SEKO, 

  • Tel: +46-18-471 33 15. 

Further Information

Application Deadline: 15 November 2012


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