PhD position in Power Consumption Modeling and Management in cloud Opening Canada:

The Synchromedia Lab at the Ecole de Technologie Superieur (University of Quebec) is looking for a PhD candidate with a area of expertise in power consumption modeling and management in cloud. Relying greatly on the computing power of data centers, cloud-based service is enabling the establishment of completely new industries and releasing, unlocking enormous potential for modernization in existing ones, similar to education, health care, energy, the public sectors, and knowledge dissemination. Accordingly, larger data centers are necessary and required to host increasingly critical applications. This raises new questions, in terms of scalability, resiliency and operational cost-effectiveness, and power consumption and environmental concerns in particular. A fresh study has revealed that data centers in Canada are operating at only four percent of capacity. 

Novel paradigms are as a result required to reduce such huge waste because of comatose servers and overprovision, in addition to new energy efficient approaches to design and manage data centers. The Green Telco Cloud project, supported by Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) of Canada and Ericsson, is intended at developing the first green cloud model that supports large-scale Telco applications. This PhD thesis will examine energy consumption & carbon release models in Telco cloud. Mathematical formulations will be built to calculate carbon emissions resulting from energy consumption, taking into account the type of energy, the humidity, and temperature. Optimization models will be developed to allocate/relocate resources in cloud whereas minimizing power consumption and carbon footprint. Based on machine learning techniques, behaviors of cloud will be analyzed and then operational strategies will be proposed to take full advantage of the utilization of green power. 

The successful candidate will be working at the Synchromedia Lab, renowned by world-class projects in cloud computing, for example PanLab I, PanLab II, HPDMNet, and GreenStar Network. The candidate will receive a yearly stipend from the research funds provided by Ericsson, NSERC and MITACS. He/she will also attain precious know-how, an experience through internships at Ericsson Research Center at Montreal, the largest of this multi-corporation’s R&D centres in North America. 

Required qualifications:

Strong background in operational research (modeling and optimization)
Skill in cloud computing or high-performance computation
Excellent programming skills
Experience, know-how with machine learning and/or pattern recognition is an asset
Good communication and writing skills 

Applications shall include a CV, transcripts, and a cover letter. Selected applicants will be contacted for an interview. 

Further Information

Application Deadline: 15 November 2012.


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