PhD Scholarship a Study Facility in University of Queensland Australia:

Prospects an opportunities exist for two or more PhD students to contribute to a set of thrilling fresh projects focused on understanding how water, energy and carbon are interconnected in cities – such as in household or industrial water use, or in the water cycle. We are seeking PhD candidates to join a unique multi-disciplinary team at the School of Chemical Engineering at UQ. The School has a long history of research and teaching distinction worldwide. It is rapidly becoming one of the major centres of research in the domain of the water-energy- carbon nexus.

The role The PhD scholars will build up; develop expertise, skills in modeling, analysis, data management, scenario and policy formulation and smallest amount charge carbon-abatement strategy development. The research will connect with and support a number of new projects at UQ including: 

  1. An ARC Linkage project to quantify the presently unknown water-energy- carbon connections in individual households, in addition to clusters of households within cities. The project will lead to detailed information of the influence of technologies, behaviors, and urban water policy, on water use and related energy use, carbon emissions and expenses. The outcomes will notify and inform efficient design, monitoring and management of buildings and cities. The work is supported, funded by the Melbourne Water Sector (Smart Water Fund) and has strong linkages with the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology), ETH Zurich (Bits to Energy Laboratory) and other partners. 
  2. A project addressing water cycle in South East Queensland to help underpin improved long-term cost-efficiency and hedge against escalating energy costs. The project will (a) quantify the carbon impact (risk) in the water supply chain (b) develop and input to decision support tools for asset optimization (c) identify least cost options (d) engage with stakeholders throughout the project. 
  3. Other projects as well as construction of an on-line virtual laboratory for Industrial Ecology using a multi-stakeholder input-output model (involving 6 other national research partners). 

There are prospects to work on large water and energy data sets, and with existing and developing models. The work is relevant engineering, physics, environmental management and social science. As a group the water-energy- carbon research group work will enable formation of a broader set of policy outcomes of national relevance to addressing the national objective, goal of 80% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, even as also reducing water use and overall urban metabolism. It will have wide potential implications for water and energy utility governance. 

The individual Should Possessed:

You should have an Honours or Masters Degree, or equivalent in engineering, physics, environmental management, social science. It is necessary that you can evidently display research potential. An interest in high quality research leading to industry or policy results is desirable. Experience, know-how in modeling and/or social science policy analysis is advantageous. 


Tax-free stipends of $30,000 per annum are available for three years, with the possibility of a six month extension. This scholarship will cover postgraduate tuition fee for international applicants. Replenish scholarships would be available for applicants previously holding another relevant scholarship. Applicants are encouraged to have applied for Australian Postgraduate Award and/or UQ Research Scholarships. 

To submit an application, All applicants must supply the following documents: Cover letter, Resume and Address of selection criteria including 1/ Relevant tertiary degree; 2/ Data management, analysis or modeling of water/energy/ carbon 3/ Written or aural presentation skills, 4/ Independence and self-motivation. 

Further Information

Application Deadline: 7 December 2012.


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