International | World Disabled Day 3rd December:

So far another International, World Disabled Day is observing on 3rd December, the disabled, handicapped persons would as likely summon up the pledges and assurances given to them during the last World Disabled Day just about a year back and realize that nothing much has changed in their life content. Despite the fact that promises and celebrations occur year after year be fond of a ceremony, seminars and conferences, several of the disabled persons continue to live on in conditions of poor quality and uncertainty, not knowing as to what the future would hold for them. With physical immobility on the one hand and lack of resources and unsatisfactory income on the other hand, most of the disabled persons do not have the access to quality educational institutions or the facilities to acquire the vital skill to employ them.


Government Hollow Slogans:

Although the government has some schemes to assist them, the reality is that such schemes are far excessively not enough considering the population of the disabled persons and the intensity of their problems. The disability not only causes physical anxiety but besides mental disturbance and disappointment as they cannot be part of the mainstream of life, which make their life even more complicated. The reservation provided by the government in jobs is extreme insufficient as well and most of the disabled persons are not benefited by such reservation policies. In Pakistan this time disabled people celebrated a disabled day as a strong protest. Because every year the entire world celebrates this day with great enthusiasm but there is no one in fact to help and facilitate them. Everyone has hollow slogans. No one takes a concrete and practical step for the betterment of all Disabled people. If the government and other humanitarian agencies do not help the disabled people practically, what is the benefit of disabled day? 

Government and Social Organizations & Private Sector Must DO:

Government has started some schemes and policies for disabled persons but unfortunately they have not been fully implemented till now. Steps for the welfare of the special persons to end their sense of deprivation. Government filling of some 4000 post for person with disabilities. Many disabled persons send their CV to ministry of social welfare and special education but they do not receive any response. There is no use of 2% of quota which preserved for disabled people. We need practical and concrete steps for the betterment of all disabled people. Government and Private sector should allocate jobs for disabled people and they should create special jobs for disabled persons, especially Online jobs, (Home based jobs). I hope that government and private sector will take useful and practical steps in this regards.


About khaproojanu

Assalm-o-Alaikum: How are You Dear Friends! My name is Zafar Ullah Khan. I am the Person with Special Needs. I am interested in Blogging, Articles writing, web content writer, and MS-office applications. I have Master degree in Political science and Graduate degree in Economics.
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