EGO PAKISTAN 2012: Pakistan’s Premier Energy Exhibition:

With particular concentrate on unexplored energy prospective, potential in Pakistan and future visions for regional development, EGO will bring together the leading global energy companies and energy capital under one roof, creating an unrivalled marketplace to establish strategic alliances.

EGO- Energy, Gas, Oil & Power Exhibition Pakistan, is going to be the standard, benchmark occasion in the energy sector, which would bring the energy resources and decision makers on one platform and would facilitate Pakistan save from its prolonged energy crisis. Apart from the conventional sources of energy generation like oil & gas, the exhibition would take advantage of on the non-conventional alternative energy sources that are plentifully available in Pakistan like wind, solar, biomass, and coal. The exhibition would showcase most up-to-date technologies in oil & gas exploration, energy conservation and renewable energy and is expected to bring massive foreign investment in energy sector of Pakistan. This all-inclusive event is expected to attract energy professionals from all over the world to discuss the modernization, technology, and investments necessary to set free the potential of Pakistan energy industry.


EGO Energy, Gas & Oil:

Personally meetings are the most excellent way to do business, build consequential relationships, demonstrate products or services, or interrelate with people who make the strategic decisions. EGO Pakistan 2012 will provide you with a perfect opportunity to meet the people who really matter to you and your business. EGO has a differential edge because of its location. It is going to be held at Expo Center Lahore, the central industrial core of Punjab. Energy consumption is high in Punjab. Punjab exclusively accounts for in excess of 50% energy consumption, for this reason, requires additional energy production. 

Expo Center Lahore:

Expo Center Lahore is close to the country’s capital, where all the strategic decisions are made. Most of the government regulatory authorities and companies have their headquarters in Islamabad. EGO Pakistan 2012, because of its strategic location is most likely to be visited by these decision makers. Punjab has a incredibly fine network of roads and motorways. Since most of the industrial units are located in Punjab, Expo Center Lahore is easily accessible from different cities and is logistically safe and convenient. Heavy and sensitive machines can without difficulty be brought there. The exhibition would provide vast opportunities to strengthen your presence in the region’s energy sector and give your business a new dimension. 

Opening Times:

Tuesday. 18th Sept. 2012: 10:00 – 19:00 

Wednesday. 19th Sept. 2012: 10:00 – 19:00 

Thursday. 20th Sept. 2012: 10:00 – 19:00 

Contact Us:

304, 3rd Floor, Clifton Centre, Block 5, Clifton 

Karachi-75600, Pakistan. 

PH NO: (92) 21 3581 0637 – 9 | (92) 21 3581 0636 Email: | 


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• Alarms
• Biometrics Identification
• Building Safety Management
• Bugging/Debugging
• Coastal Security
• Computer Security
• Cyber Security
• Detectors & various Sensors
• Disaster Management
• Door Control Hardware
• Encryption Devices
• Guard Services
• Hardware and Data Security
• Home Automations
• Image Processing
• Industrial Security Services
• Infrastructure Security
• Internet Security
• Intruder and Burglary Alarm Equipment
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• Monitoring Systems
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• Non-Physical Access Control
• Perimeter Protection
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• Evacuation Systems
• Extrication Equipment and Tools
• First Aid & Medical Equipment and Services
• Fittings
• Flashlights/Floodlights
• Generators
• Hand Tools, Knives and Scissors
• Hazard Warning Lights
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• Welding Equipments


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• Explosion Suppression Systems
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• Fire Trucks
• Fireboats
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• Flame Retardant and Resistant Cables
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• Inert-Gas Fire Extinguishing Systems
• Powder Fire Extinguishing Systems
• Safes/ Safety Cabinets
• Smoke and Heat Extraction Systems
• Smoke Detection Systems
• Smoke Grenades & Extraction
• Sprinkler Accessories and Systems
• Trailers
• Vaporizing Liquid
• Water Fire Extinguishing Systems
• Water Tanks


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• Vehicle Protection Equipment


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