Confusing insanity, Thinking class of the present Time:

What gloomy insanity is it that has possessed the nation’s thinking class to drive it so solid sightless to the terrible realities prevalent on the ground? The country is entangled in a variety of horrible hardships and critical threats with intent. And the polity stands profoundly divided extremely on assorted lines irreconcilably. So far moderately unmindful of these discouraging ground realities, this thinking class is given so caringly to its own favorite activities and chases harshly and mind-bogglingly. And in the process it is turning out to be an immense trouble, not part of the solution. 

An enormous healer it should have been. A great demolisher as an alternative it is proving to be. A great unitary it could be. Instead, it has become a deadly separator of the polity. Insanity, not sanity, has deliberately overpowered it to impel it on to silly acts and unintelligent dialogue. Under the influence of harshness and inflexibility it is, interestingly. And the blades of bitterness, resentment and disagreement it has taken in its hands to manipulate carelessly. To outrage and exaggerate what should be treated with great moderation has become its most driving enthusiasm. 

But what, if the political elites have become so neglectful of the mass of the people, had this thinking class also to be? Evidently, this mass is in great troubles. Every kind of suffering known to the people is badly affecting it horridly. Poverty, immorality, want and epidemic appear having become its never-ending destiny. Unemployment and disappearance means of source of revenue are playing chaos with its lives. And so indigent it is that food and basic needs have just sprung out of its reach. It has nothing to eat and its children go starving and sleep hungry. 

And it is the thinking class that should have been upset passionately about this pitiable dilemma of the mass. It is this galaxy that should have been floating ideas and arguable suggestions anxiously for pulling the mass from its undesirable dilemma and campaigning strongly for the amelioration of its lot. It certainly should have eminent itself for public-spiritedness to put the political elites to dishonor and shame. And this it could but has not. In fact, it is acting more inconsiderate than is the political class, and also additional carelessly, to put it honestly. 

But when will the thinking class become conscious that this country exists for its 180 habitually impoverished, deprived and denied citizens. Not for the preference amusements of anyone; the thinking class included. This country is no playfield for thrashing the non-issues into big issues just for the satisfaction of a thinking class. Why certainly matters of law and constitution should become the subjects of affected actions and excited conversation when there is a respected independent judiciary with the nation’s most excellent legal minds on it to rule on them; and which is marvelously tackling such matters before now? What excitement is there to go after such matters as humorously as the thinking class is engaged in currently? 

The world over, the thinking class is a beacon light. It enlighten the issues that are genuine, scrutiny them analytically for the masses to be aware of and grab, and thinks out ways to tackle with them. It educates the people; it leads the community. Confuse it does not the masses. But our thinking class does it. It leads them not. It somewhat misleads them. And that is the regretful part. A beacon light it is not. And verily it is of no use to the masses. Of what effect could certainly be a thinking class that also takes the masses for granted, treats them as easily not reusable products, has no clue of the troubles of the masses and remains glued to its own pet pastimes that have no relevance at all to the daily lives of the mass of the people? 

Verily, this thinking class is no superior to the political elites. They have lost all trust and confidence of our citizens. And so has this thinking class. No one on the street looks at it and its chases with consent and respect. It may be shocked to know that it is held in as great hatred by the mass of the people as is the political class. It needs to review its act. Its speech and actions blow of a confusing insanity, when the individual marks of a real thinking class in the world are good sense, wisdom and self-control, which absolutely are no part of it.


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