World Theatre Day 27 March 2011, Make Theatre a Universal Mean for Dialogue, Expression:

‘World Theatre Day’ on 27the March each year celebrate by all the celebrities and artists around the world. Today’s gathering is a true reflection of the immense potential of theatre to mobilize communities and bridge the divides. Theatre subtly permeates the human soul gripped by fear and suspicion, by altering the image of self – and opening a world of alternatives for the individual and hence the community.  It can give meaning to daily realities while forestalling an uncertain future.

World Theatre Day 

It can engage in the politics of peoples’ situations in simple straightforward ways. Because it is inclusive, theatre can present an experience capable of transcending previously held misconceptions. Additionally, theatre is a proven means of advocating and advancing ideas that we collectively hold and are willing to fight for when violated.

Theatre in Pakistan:

Theatre in Pakistan hasn’t developed greatly in provisions of content .What we have mostly seen are either alteration, translations or in some cases even derivative productions. Where has the original play disappeared? An original play means one can read literature. If our youth don’t read literature then, how would they be able to write anything? In addition ‘Omer Sharif is also considered as king of the theatre or stage and he also writes an original plays.


Theatre should reflect the national aspirations of a country.  That is what makes it more applicable for the audience and if it fails to do so, then people will ultimately get bored and it won’t progress as an art form.” Play writers believes that lack of original content is a vital issue and has economic, social and intellectual factors behind it. Writing and performing good original play needs collaborations between different individuals.

Play writers also mentioned that academic institutions should encourage original plays instead of variations and translations at school and university level so that the new blood doesn’t get used to the concept of adaptations.


I urge you on this World Theatre Day to consider this prospect and to put theatre onward as a collective and universal means for dialogue, social transformation and reform.  While the United Nations spends huge quantity of dues on peacekeeping missions around the world, through the use of arms, theatre is a impulsive, human, less expensive and by far a more influential alternative.


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