Control Internet with Voice During Driving:

Massive motor show is held annually in Geneva. Innovative cars were also kept for exhibition this time. One car is significant because of their uniqueness. This is an electric car which is called ‘Rinspeed Bamboo’. Feature of this car has full access to the Internet. This car is informing you about your emails and text messaging during driving. It has its own wi-fi transmitter through which you can use both Laptop computer and Mobile phones. With the help of voice command and without use of hand you can access to any website (surfing) along with facebook. To get such a facility you can place your Smartphone or iPad in the car charger which is already installed in the car. This car will come on the road only in 18 months of time.

Rinspeed Bamboo 

A review found that in Europe and in America one out of 15 a person can use internet surfing during the driving. This car was designed for those who surf the Internet during driving So that they remain safe from potential accidents. It will inform you and read an emails and messages with the help of voice command system. All kinds of Smartphone, iPad and BlackBerry and their tools are capable to use through this innovative car. All phone messages, facebook and twitter will be updated during driving. You will be no more disturbed by taking all these activities during driving. The car infotainment technology with the help of voice command you can also access and find digital radio stations.


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