Evaluate and balance Gram for Gram, Solar Energy is More Powerful than Nuclear Energy:

Comparison of Solar Energy to Nuclear Energy:

Comparing solar energy with nuclear power discover that solar energy is most excellent than nuclear. Ken Zweibel has a study and analysis at The Solar Review that compares the two type of electrical energy, in terms of how much power is filled into each gram of its relevant material: cadmium telluride, versus uranium. He presents statistics displaying that CdTe thin film solar power (using cadmium telluride) takes ten times less PV substance to build 1 kilowatt hour of electricity, than nuclear utilize of uranium, to make an the same 1 kilowatt hour of electricity.

Solar Energy VS Nuclear Energy 

This is still comparing the two as if solar “used up” each gram of cadmium telluride the method that nuclear power uses up its uranium. But certainly, solar doesn’t burn up fuel. You can acquire electricity from the identical grams of PV material for at smallest amount thirty years, and then the substances can be recycled and still utilized once more. By distinction, the comparable grams of nuclear uranium must be substitute with newly mined uranium once the first has given way its energy.

Statistical Data:

Showing his statistical data. It takes 12 grams of CdTe to create a one square meter solar thin film module. “In a year in an average US locality, we harvest approximately 11% x 1750 kWh/m2-year, or 154 kWh/yr (after accounting for another 20% in losses)” he observed. So we require 0.08 of a gram per kilowatt hour for single year’s supply of electricity. But that suppose we have utilized the gram by the end of the year.

He articulated that “We don’t burn PV modules, and they don’t die after one year – warranties are about 30 years, so this is in fact one thirtieth of that or 2.6 milligrams per kWh”. But verify the comparison to coal. According to his calculations, even presumptuous just thirty years use, and then throwing the solar, the thin film PV material uses just five millionths of the weight of coal required to build the similar kilowatt hour of electricity.

Comparison in Perspective of Coal Energy:

“Contrast to coal, evidently, the numbers are out of this world. These dissimilarities in resource require tolerate on the eventual sustainability of the PV in comparison to other additional resource-intense energy technologies”. Certainly. Solar seems to provide us with not just a cleaner, safer and healthier type of electricity, but also, one that is greatly sustainable mined. It takes just a division of the material from the earth that coal or nuclear acquire.


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