Islam is the Complete Code of Life:

It’s been mentioned to explain those who refuse to accept Islam are unnecessarily:

People associated with education will be sufficient know that all staff in schools, colleges and universities transferred is a matter of routine. Especially the school principal and other staffs of colleges are including in this regard. All transferred associated with education are done by the educational experts. Similarly, in academic fields of educational courses educational experts have also decided to change. Because experts know what is right and what is wrong for the betterment of education and students.

Islam is Religion of Peace and Solution. 

Such decisions by the higher education authorities do not bother anyone. Because people related to education field clearly know that it is a routine matter. Suppose if anybody in the academic field challenge the decision then it will create major problem. If a student refuses that I do not accept these decisions. As a result, such student or students will warn before the final penalty by the academic authorities. But usually does not happen. This nonsense will do by those who are ignorant.

Now we come to the actual purpose. Take the above mentioned explanation in your mind and compare with the following:

“Allah Almighty” sent their beloved Holy Prophets for the guidance of all the people in this world. Allah Almighty gave Holy Books to Holy Prophets for the guidance of the people. Because they were actually out of the way. But people of those times have refused to the Holy Prophets preaching and killed them for no reason. As a result, Allah sent down punishment on them. . If Allah Almighty sends another messenger to them, they clearly refused. This was due to their ignorance, imperfect knowledge and stubbornness. Can you imagine all of these things have been automatically created?

As educational experts in educational curriculum changes are needed. Because experts know better what is needed. When Allah Almighty makes similar changes why you are objecting? Because Allah Almighty knows better what is good for us. When curriculum changes are made by educational experts, it is requires for time to time. That’s why Allah almighty has changed the holy books according to the time for the betterment of all the human being. One should not object these decision made by Allah Almighty.

Perhaps you have heard it that Allah will put those people in Hell who did not followed the path of Allah. But why the people will believe on it. Because they do not believe on the Resurrection after death. Assume that if all warning that relate to the torment of Allah, all true, then what you will do? The only thing will remain in your heart is regret and sorrowfulness. Before this grieve left in your heart you should enter in Islam, accept Islam and becomes a Muslim. It is best for you. I hope that you will not be disappointed by me. Any of you wants to accept Islam, contact me I will teach you how to become a Muslim and Recite “Islamic Creed”.

A statement of belief:

LA ILAHA ILLALLAH MUHAMMAD- AR RASOOL-ALLAH’ (there is no ‘god’ but/except ‘The ‘Allah’ and Muhammad is ‘Rasool’ Messenger of Allah). Anyone says (Recite) this Islamic word he/she becomes a Muslim.

Contact me if anybody desire to accept Islam after read this article.


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  1. What a lovely blog page. I’ll definitely be back. Please maintain writing!


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