Political Situation in Pakistan in the Perspective of Two Main Political Parties:

Political environment in Pakistan today is quite warm, especially in Punjab. Pakistan People’s Party claims that our current people and Pakistan problems will be solve by us and the same assertion has been signified by ‘Pakistan Muslim League N’, but both political parties in their claims are wrong to the large extent because these two parties are held twice governments but sufficient people know that both political parties will not solve public problems.


Ten Point Agenda:

PML (N) offers ten-point program which the government does not look serious to take and if the role of opposition will not done by Muslim League (N) then they will be failed in the coming election. Now the Punjab government has dismissed the cabinet. Punjab government has formally sent a letter to Punjab Governor for approval. There are seven ministers of ‘Pakistan People Party’. Muslim League ‘N’ had claimed that they will never form a government with Muslim League ‘Q’. Apparently it seems that everything and the current political disturbance happening because of the Pakistan Tehreeq-e-Insaaf chief ‘Imran Khan’ is the cause of growing popularity in Punjab province.

Now in the existing situation ‘Muslim League N’ is now forming joint government with the ‘PML Q’- Unification Block. This means that give and take form of politics something back in the country’s politics will grow up. And the country’s situation will be worst more. Muslim League ‘N’ has not been activated its representative in province of Khyberpakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan. Because of this reason ‘Muslim League N’ and its representation is losing popularity in these provinces. Due to these above reasons the ‘Muslim League N’ desires that at least they should not lose its position in Punjab. Because in terms of population, Punjab is Pakistan’s largest province. Sixty percent of Pakistan area is composed of Punjab province.

Nawaz Sharif & Asif Ali Zardari

Punjab Politics:

And this large size of area wants to achieve by ‘Muslim League N’. Muslim League think that let the ‘People party’ enjoy the power at centre and at least we will rule in Punjab. I ask question to the leader’s of ‘Muslim League N’ whether they would work only for the welfare and prosper of Punjab or for all rest of the people of this country?. This is a somewhat visible injustice to the people of Pakistan. How long the country’s political parties will play with the lives of poor and misfortune people.

Because of all these circumstances people are themselves guilty. But to the some extent ‘Pakistan Army’ is also responsible for these injustice situations of the country. People and especially firstly army leader’s will think that, martial law will not acceptable for a people and now people is now claim that the military is responsible for the country’s current conditions. No! I didn’t mean that the purpose of my saying is that, Army should not broken the state constitution, but surely if the government does not adhere to the Constitution to implement the army must ask the government and put emphasis on why the government is not follow the state constitution.

Pakistan Armed Forces Key Responsibility:

Certainly integrity and protect lives and property is the primary responsibility of army, but the state Constitution is also include in the responsibility or obligations of state army forces. Army should not intervene in the country’s politics because it will adversely impact the image of army. For the complete solution of all problems faced by Pakistan, for all individuals of society has come forward, by that way we all survive and save our ‘Islamic and national identity for which we had liberated the country. Otherwise no one in Pakistan to stop revolution as being occurred in other Islamic countries.” Pakistan Zindabaad”.


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One Response to Political Situation in Pakistan in the Perspective of Two Main Political Parties:

  1. Khwaja Aftab Ali says:

    Almighty God bless America,The USA. Most powerful man has gone and two richest persons/groups have come in power. The poor will become poorer and rich will be richer day by day because of the unique business of politics in Pakistan, ( a million per cent return on investment in politics ). President Musharraf handed over resignation to the chief of army staff in presence of other generals. Army act of Pakistan zindabad , Pakistan paindabad. For God sake, plan for creation of jobs and circulation of money to boost economy of the under developed country. And make sure the rule of law over rules the law of ruler. Hard working people and educated youth of Pakistan can make this great country a wonderful place if justice is provided to the common man. All the best with lot of prayers to the Almighty GOD for the welfare of common people in Pakistan.KHWAJA AFTAB ALI,Orlando, Florida, USA.


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