International Day Social Justice History Theme Days Celebration:

The United Nations’ (UN) World Day of Social Justice is annually celebrated on February 20 to applaud inhabitants to reminder that how social justice have an effect on scarcity elimination. Social justice has been at the core of public protection development for more than a century. Social security systems protect people against the risk of life, thus strengthening social unity, loyalty and harmony. The World Day differentiate that civilization must be supported by social justice, a high opinion for human rights and vital freedoms – and on the right to collective safeguard for all.

International Social Justice day 


The World Summit for Social Development was organized in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1995 and calls it a day the Copenhagen Declaration and Program of Action. At this summit, more than 100 political leaders promise to make the overthrow of poverty, rareness and full employment, in addition to stable, protected and just societies as their overriding objectives. They additionally determined on the necessity to place general public at the axis of growth approach. The devotion of the day should include to the auxiliary consolidation of the labors of the universal community in poverty elimination, encouragement of full employment and decent work, sex equity and access to social pleasure and equality for all.

World Day of Social Justice Events and Activities:

Many organizations, including the UN and the International Labor Office, make declarations on the impact and importance of social justice for common people. Many unions in addition present strategy for better social justice by dealing with poverty, social and economic removal and unemployment. Trade unions and movement groups are requested to summon their members and supporters to mark the day. Schools, colleges and universities may arrange remarkable activities for the day or outline a week of events and activities rotating around a theme related to poverty, social and economic exclusion or unemployment. Varied media, together with radio and television stations, newspapers and Internet sites, can give attention to the topics about the World Day of Social Justice.

When General (Retd) Pervaiz Musharraf had removed Chief Justice of Pakistan Chaudhry Iftikhar then Chief Justice and his supporters, political leadership and the people of Pakistan encouraged the struggle for justice and the Chief Justice and their struggle to achieve social justice for all.


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