Raymond Davis: Lahore Shooting in Pakistan Some Facts in Justice Perspective:

Pakistani government is willing to release American killer Raymond Davis. Who had killed two Pakistanis in city of Lahore Punjab couple of weeks before?  The Foreign Ministry of Pakistan send a message to Law Ministry clarifying and explaining that US national Raymond Davis, who was on visit visa in Pakistan, is American diplomat and that he qualifies for the immunity under Vienna convention.

Raymond Davis

Aafia Siddiqui is an American-educated Pakistani cognitive neuroscientist who was convicted after a jury trial in a U.S. federal court of assault with determined to murder her U.S. interrogators in Afghanistan. The charges carried a maximum sentence of life in prison. In September 2010, she was sentenced by the U.S. judge to 86 years in prison.

Aafia Siddiqui

Aafia siddiqui she had only raised his gun for protection did not kill anyone but he Raymond Davis have killed two Pakistani nationals, Secondly, the murder case of Aafia was carried out in the U.S. court and Raymond Davis case recommended to run in the U.S. court also, Is this how justice is being applied Vienna Convention only applies to us, all these rules are for us?


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