Antagonistic and Aggressive Behavior in Kids or Children:

Children can behave aggressively as they absorb how to properly express their feelings or emotions:

The American Academy of Pediatrics offers these recommendations for parents when children behave aggressively:

Aggressive behaviour in kids

  • Clarify and teach your child the directions of the home, and be reliable in enforcing them.
  • Remove lure and temptation (such as keeping prohibited stuffs out of reach) to assist in decrease occurrences of irritabilities and aggressive behavior.
  • Smile at and praise admiration the child for decent behavior.
  • Clarify and explain to your child that peacefully using suitable words is a better manner to express resentment than biting, beating or kicking.
  • Stress that it’s not significant who started aggressive conduct behavior, and that it’s certainly not proper to act aggressively or to unhappy and hurt someone.
  • For children as young as one year, use a break to help the child cool down.


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