Valentine Day A Loving day for those who love each other:

Valentine Day for celebrate each year:

Valentine’s Day is the day for those people who love each other and this day celebrate once in the year the entire world celebrates love in its diverse expressions. Valentine’s Day is the day when people express their love and affection to their nearest partner, parents, children, family members and relatives or friends by giving gifts. This day were first celebrated in general in America and Britain. But now a day’s Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world. In Islamic countries, few people will support this day but few people will not. Because Islamic countries like Pakistan believe that this not their tradition. The Valentine’s Day is celebrated by every person in the world. The shops are filled with thousands of red and pink color roses and we can see Valentine’s Day cards casing each surface and every shop in the world from all the Valentine’s Day celebrating countries.

Valentine Day

Valentine’s Day Gifts:

As concerns Valentine’s Day gifts, people buy expensive or economical gifts it is all depend upon on the emotions and feelings of the gift presenter. Multiplicities of options are available in the market for both the genders male and female.Some of the stuffs that topmost the lists of gifts for women are fashionable clothes, jewelry and bags. You can buy such dresses for your partner which is like by your partner.

Valentine’s Day Celebrations:

  • Individuals buy the Valentine’s Day cards, gifts, chocolates, balloons and so on.
  • All the restaurants and hotels are reserved on the valentine day.
  • All the valentine gift collection shops, flower shops will be filled with the gifts and roses respectively.
  • Some people purchase ordinary gifts like greeting cards, gifts, and rose flowers depending on their pocket.
  • Some people purchase luxurious articles like diamond rings.
  • Middle class people are also planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day.
  • This class used to go restaurant, park, and movies.
  • Luxurious people planning to go tour, restaurant, park and watch movies.


Valentine’s Day Undertakings:

Valentine’s Day is expected to spend some quality time with your love ones, families and friends, you can treat in some activities so that you not only spend time together but also have entertaining and fun on the celebration day.

Valentine’s Day for Families:

On this day some people wish to go on long drives or picnic and spend your valentine day eating, drinking and playing. All the family members can get together to make special Valentine’s Day teatime with every member given a distinct charge. In short it is the day for those people who love and like each other so much but love should be in the circle of believe and trust, it means that this is not true who said that, everything is fair in love and war. So what do you think about that, is it permissible to deceive someone I think No. And I hope that you will agree with me.


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