World Cancer Day. The fatal disease in the world today:

World Cancer Day Awareness:

The term ‘Cancer’ is Latin word and it means the hidden subversive foe. Cancer is one of the rising causes of death which are intimidating mankind in the recent times. In the report illustrated that more patients will be die in the coming future because of this fatal disease. It causes irregular and uninhibited reproduction of cells, which mostly goes painless in the beginning. So by increase the diagnosis becomes reasonably critical because of its hidden symptoms.

World Cancer Day.

Every year Feb 4th is takes place as the world cancer day, where WHO and the whole mankind unites to combat and struggle against the executioner disease, which as emerged as the terror of the current period. World cancer day is also asked for to bring about the flexibility and hope in the minds of the cancer survivors, who have faced massive trauma and mental conflict in their fighting against the question of life and death. . Most people who lost their lives because of this fatal disease were from economically weaker and developing countries,

Prevention is better than cure:

“Prevention and control” is the key word of stress on the day of February 4th to entirely disappear the disease from distressing mankind. Prevention includes suitable screening techniques and educating the amateur about the ways to notice the symptom of the cancer.. If perceive premature cancer could be treated by surgery, chemotherapy and radiation techniques. Cancerous abrasion can affect any site, like the cervix, breast, bone, mouth, brain or any human tissue.

Prevention of cancer which is the focus of the world cancer day emphasize the termination of the carcinogenic agent, tobacco which has caused oral, lung and a variety of other cancers in humans. Protection against harmful ultra-violet rays which can deleted the normal tissues making them cancerous, healthy eating habits, regular physical activity and preventing of infections.
Cancer pain during the incurable period is very worrying and needs adequate affecting and psychological support to combat the disease. We all mankind request the all leader’s of the entire world please stop to prepare weapon of mass destruction and spend this precious money for the welfare of all mankind.


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