Orange Juice is Benefited to Cure Cancer:

Information of the National Health Institution:

National Institutes of Health reporting that orange juice excellent and cures cancer. The treatment needs method more than a few glasses of orange juice. On the contrary, it requires massive doses of intravenous vitamin C.

For instance, one of Greenberg’s patients was diagnosed with lung cancer and the disease had spread to his brain, and another patient who was involved in breast cancer that could be seen extends beyond from her chest. Both the patients were told their situations were severe. However, after several months both patients responds and informed that they both feel well to the vitamin C treatment, and today both are doing well and emerge to be cancer free.

Orange Juice

Researchers’ Observations and Conceptions:

Actually, the breast cancer patient is past the significant and critical five-year mark—typically considered a complete decrease. Whereas some researchers consider the treatment works by killing the cancer cells entirely, in addition others believe it is the performance of vitamin C’s powerful antioxidant protection.

Actually, both theories are correct, to a scale. You observe, just like chemotherapy, vitamin C produces hydrogen peroxide in the body and the similar substance you’ve been using to eradicate and kill germs on cuts and scrape all your life.


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