Health Benefits of Onion:

Advantages of Onion (Vegetable):

Onion is a vegetable and it is cultivated in almost all the countries. But it is not used in few communities; onion is used for cooking purposes but some people do use raw onion in lunch especially in South Asian countries like Pakistan. Onion as vegetable not only provide an excellent taste to dishes, but is also includes a number of health benefits to its consumers. In addition, onions are said to have remedial, antiseptic, pure antifungal and possesses other beneficial properties. The complete information’s on the nutritional value and significance of onions given below, along with the nutrition benefits of eating the vegetable.


Nutritional Value of Onion:

Amount of nutrients in a medium-sized onion (approximately 150 grams):

Health & Nutrition Benefits of Eating Onions:

  • Fresh as well as cooked onions have anti-platelet adhesiveness, which helps in preventing thrombosis.
  • Onion has been found to be very good for those suffering from high blood pressure.
  • Onion helps reduce inflammation and is therefore, beneficial for those suffering from Neuritis, Vertigo and Bronchitis.
  • Onion, being a diuretic, increases the secretion of urine.
  • Onions are affluent in flavonoid and thus, provide protection against cardiovascular disease.
  • Onions are advantage for the health of hair, finger and toe nails and even for the eyes.
  • Onions contain a number of sulfides that help in lowering blood lipids.
  • Onions have anti-allergy properties, apart from being slightly laxative.
  • Onions help reduce mucus from the cavities and loosen phlegm, in turn improve the symptoms of sinus.
  • Onions help the body in demolishing worms and other parasites.
  • Researches have discovered that onions prolong permanence.
  • Onions have the ability of helping lower blood sugar; and also excellent for diabetes.
  • The extracts of onion, being rich in a variety of sulfides, provide some protection against tumor growth.
  • Its extract also helpful in reducing pain and poison of snake bites.


Onions has benefits in the improvement of the following disorder for instance:


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