Google Chrome OS Netbook Released on Dec. 7th:

It has been taken a long period of time, but Google is nearing the come to an end line with its Chrome OS Netbook operating system. The google company submitted invitations to a Chrome post event on Tuesday, December 7th, where it will launch its Chrome OS Netbook in the occasion.
But one should not expect to get this kind of netbook your hands on one anytime soon. In fact, there will only be around 65,000 units produced, and these netbooks will provided for Google’s closest “friends and family.”

Goolge Netbook Chrome OS

Google Chrome OS:

It’s an experimental process the google company has already used for its Nexus S Android phone, and which it gives the impression to be using for its upcoming Nexus S phone. The version of Chrome OS on the devices will also be a premature beta release it is not quite prepared for prime time, so Google wouldn’t desire to sell the netbooks to general consumers or public.

In the report that it is anticipated that Google was consider and set to launch Chrome OS smartbooks during that month of November. Many of the details from that report seem to be validated with this latest news — namely the low production amounts and other report is that the devices will be manufactured by Taiwanese firm Inventec. That former report was incorrect about the first Chrome OS device being a smartbook though — in fact running an Intel Atom Pine Trail processor, similar to a typical netbook, and not a cell phone processor as smartbooks normally do.

Google Application Store Launches:

All Things Digital is also reporting that Google is endeavor to launch its Chrome App Store on December 7th, it will be expected a house web apps that would work on Chrome OS, as well as Chrome browsers on any level or platform. What improved method to launch your app store than with a shimmering latest device?

Chrome OS and other devices running they will not provided and available to consumers until 2011. Hopefully by then, Google can acquire an enhanced logic of what it really needs to do with Chrome OS. Google executives still don’t have an obvious approach to define the OS.


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