Google Adsense: Introduction About Google Adsense:

What is Google?

If you are familiar and interested in the world of internet then certainly you will also familiar with Google. It is listed in the world’s richest companies. Google has various products, Google adsense is one of them. Google themselves rich, but google wants to enrich other too.


Google Adsense:

When you apply for this service, then google provided an account for you. The instructions are easy, understandable and simple. You have just followed the given instruction and by this you can create google adsense account for your website or blogs.

Google Adsense

Step 1:

First of all open your browser and type this URL in the address bar.

Step 2:

when you visit the google website then you will see the button “sign up” just click on it so that you can follow the given instruction.

Step 3:

when you fill all the required information so click the submit button, then your form will be submitted to google company for approval.

Step 4:

At last Google shall authenticate your website or blogs, if your website meet the requirements of Google. Then Google will send you an E-mail regarding Adsense Account information.

Google Adsense Manifestation:

You have to consider one important thing about ads that how they look like, it means regarding their images, format and other necessary things for future use of these ads.
Google provides various kinds of ads which are as follow:

  • Adsense for Content.
  • Adsense for Search.
  • Adsense for Mobile Search.
  • Adsense for Feeds.


Most of the advertisers use the first two types of ads for useful maximum earning.

Adsense for Content:

Adsense for content has further five varieties of ads as below.

  • Text Ads.
  • Image Ads.
  • Link Unit.
  • Video Ads.
  • Gadget Ads.

How to Obtain Google Adsense:

You should login into your google adsense account with your above provided URL.
Click on adsense setup a new page will appear on the screen of your computer.
You will notice four types of ads provided there.

Adsense for Content:

  • Ad Unit.

  • Image & text.
  • Link Unit.
  • Image Ad.
  • Adsense for Search.
  • Adsense for Feeds.
  • Adsense for Domains.
  • If you need to generate an “Image ads” then should click on the Adsense for content.
    And you will see Ad Unit dropdown list box choose image ad only from this list box and hit continue. You should now select that what kind of ads you like for your website or blogs. It’s a report that 76% of the websites or blogs revenue from 336×280 and 468×60 ads. But you can create your own choice for example:

    • Horizontal
      728×90 Leader Board
      468×60 Banners
      234×60 Half Banner
    • Vertical
      120×600 Sky Scrapper
      160×600 Wide Sky Scrapper
      120×240 Vertical Banners
    • Square
      360×280 Large Rectangles
      300×250 Medium Rectangles
      250×250 Squares
      200×200 Small Square
      120×150 small Rectangle
      125×125 Button

    After your desire selection now you can given a specific name to your desire ads and on the next step click the submit button to get the code. After that you will now receive a JavaScript code, just copy that code and paste it in the body tag in your website or blog. You have completed all steps now should wait for approximately 10-15 minutes that your ads will display.

    Note: you must keep in mind that these above mentioned steps are very significant for your account, perform all procedure and steps carefully and make no mistake at this level that most of all we better know that good quality setting all the time provide you excellent earning.


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