Islamabad – Peshawar Motorway, Interchange and E-tag:

Pakistan Motorway:

Pakistan motorway plan is originally envisage by Mr. Nawaz Sharif Former Prime Minister of Pakistan, to provide a country wide link of limited access high speed highway to bring most parts of the country together which could result in greater economic growth, commercial activities and trade with ECO states. It is predict that such a system of modern infrastructure would allow and enable Pakistan to stride into the 21st century prepared with a first pace communication system.

Toll Plaza Motorway Pakistan 

Pakistan now connects the list of the countries where state of the art e-Toll system is being used.
On national highways and motorways. Currently the system has been introduced on Peshawar – Islamabad and Islamabad – Lahore, and Burhan and Faisalabad Motorways. This technology allows vehicles to pass through toll plaza without delaying. The toll sum is automatically deducted from prepaid e-Toll accounts.With e-Toll System, line at toll booths are minimized and vehicles just travel through dedicated E-Toll lanes on the selected points at the Motorway.
This system is enabling the citizens to bypass toll line in the usual manual toll booth systems to reach their destinations easily.


E- Tag is the electronic toll system at motorway in Pakistan in which the toll tax is automatically deducted from the chip that is attach on the screen of the vehicle. It makes an easy free entry and exits from motorway interchanges and you don’t need to wait in lines to pay the toll fee physically.

Citizens can enjoy the benefits of faster, easier
and safer travel on motorways using e-Toll
system. The electronic toll system in Pakistan has
been introduced by
NHA in collaboration with NADRA.

Islamabad Motorway

Process and Features for e-Toll Tag Issuance:

  • Vehicles enter specific lane at e-Tag issuance booth for toll plazas.
  • Vehicle Owners give required data:  Identification No., Registration No. of
    Vehicle, vehicle make etc.
  • Tag is issued and advance toll is paid by vehicle owner
    E-Tag pasted on vehicles’ windscreen.
  • Vehicle with e-Tag can now drive without stopping through specified entry
    Exit lanes at toll plazas.
  • Recharge at e-Tag issuance booth, different service areas or exit
    Lanes of motorways.

This system have been set up at toll plazas on motorways or highways
Real time control, monitoring and management of all entry – exit points by the


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