The Sheep Dolly Cloned yet again:

A Cloned Sheep:

Dolly the Sheep, the first mammal successfully cloned from a mature cell lived only six years. But scientist’s statement that taking the similar tissue samples used to clone Dolly to generate four precise genetic reproduction.

"Dolly is alive and healthy," Nottingham University Professor Keith Campbell, who keeps the Dollies as pets, informed by "Genetically these are Dolly."

before this When researchers have given information regarding cloned a sheep in July 1996, only this sheep, Dolly stay alive from the 29 embryos produced from 277 eggs. This time just five embryos were required to produce each of the Dollies.

Dolly the sheep 

The latest experiments, which actually took place 3 ½ years ago, became public awareness after Campbell reveal them during a lecture.

Dolly was put down in Feb. 2003 because she is ill with from lung disease and arthritis. But so far, the new Dolly quartets are doing well, according to Campbell.


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