Mobile Cell Phone Quantity in Pakistan:

Cell Phones in Pakistan:

While Pakistan insulate behind in many areas, it is now developing and forward in some area. One of these is the 90 million mobile-phone connections reported by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority in a country of some 165 million people. This is in part a reflection on the poor state of land-based telephone communication, with millions of people are obtaining the easier option of cell-phone connections. Texting services in Urdu make their use even more convenient.

Pakistani Youth Mobile Phone 

The technology can be used in modern ways to make an actual distinction to lives. Whereas for many urban users mobile phones act as a fashion accessory, in more isolated locations they offer a vital link with the outside world. The development of technology has made a enormous dissimilarity in times of disaster; it has been used to generate maps guiding relief workers as to what is needed and where. What we need to think about is how we can use the vast number of mobile phones to serve other community intention.

Use of Technology in Right Direction:

Perhaps messages about education for girls, family planning, vaccination and a great deal else can be spread. The potential is there. The government, other groups require to consider how this technology can be used as a means to help us undertake some of the matter we face.
Recent research has emerged that in Pakistan five million and 30 hundred thousand young people are using Mobil phone. The quantity will be increasing about six million and eighty hundred thousand in 2012.  According to research in Pakistan fifty five percent 55% in 2012.

mobile phone 123

Mobile phone owner would be Pakistan Youth. The country will get a profit about, one billion and eighty million rupees annually.
Revenue about thirty four million and seventy hundred thousand rupees of which will have obtain from youth of less developed areas.   According to estimation, nearly a billion and 60 hundred thousand of revenue will have received in this year by the use of mobile phone in the country. 


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2 Responses to Mobile Cell Phone Quantity in Pakistan:

  1. Noor Mohammad Arbab says:

    we should use this device (mobile) in a better way.Excellent Article.


  2. Rani says:

    Cm man,what r u talking about,no body think for pakistan,everyone is selfish trying to be,getting more out of it. Girls need to be educated,for use of mobile.


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