Tivoli Dome A Largest and Biggest Food Court in Cairo Egypt:

A World Record of Food Location:

A Guinness World Records title was given by, The Tivoli Dome, Cairo, Egypt, for the Largest Food Court in the world.

The intercession ceremony was held on 26th of November in Tivoli Dome, which is situated at 70 Omar Ibn El Khattab Street, Almaza Area, and Heliopolis. Tivoli Dome is an individual food court on a 5,700 square metre portion of land and can accommodate up to 2,100 guests at the same time, and more than that.

Tivoli Dome has an average of 7,000 visitors walking in daily (this value was usually recorded by an electronic gate at the entrance), this amount reaches up to 9,000 on weekends and number of guest is 10,000 on a public holiday.

Tivoli Dome has the largest and prime outdoor LED screen within Egypt at 20 meters an exclusive channel with music video clips is broadcasted straight from the states and foremost soccer games are broadcasted for guests and fans to get pleasure from.

Food court

High Society Entertainment:

Tivoli Dome is encouraged by excellence and serves as a place for Cairo’s high society to entertain and enjoy a private meal at one of its 16 international restaurants and cafes. The international restaurants and cafes housed in Tivoli Dome are: Outback Steakhouse; Chili’s; The Noodle House; Starbucks Coffee; Cedars; Coffee shop Company; Cafe Etoile; Tres Bon; Crave; Mori Sushi & Grill; Pascucci Cafe; Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf; Beans, Pies & Cookies; Cilantro; Burger King and Venezia.

Tivoli Dome is home to an enormous arrangement of guests of all ages and tastes. Since its grand opening in September of 2009, it has fascinated and attracted masses that can really be grateful for the venue’s delicious food, attention to detail and perseverance on offering only the uppermost quality available. Tivoli Dome is considered to be a well-liked place for Cairo’s musicians, stars, and elite; a place to gather and meet over a cup of coffee or an epicure serving of food and enjoy the outside weather and good-looking surroundings.

Tivoli Dome Establishment:

Tivoli Dome was established and formed by the Chairman of Spear International who was intensely touched by the social life in Lazio region of Italy, where Tivoli is located. In an endeavor to re-establish that atmosphere he designed and constructed Tivoli Dome in respect to the communal life he had once enjoyed during a summer holiday. He worked with his team to build his dream and since its magnificent opening Tivoli Dome has attracted a crowd that can really be thankful for the fine foods, calming ambience indoors and outdoors and thorough details.

Tivoli Dome is only the first of several Dome scheme to come; Zayed Dome will be open on 11th November 2011, go after shortly by Maadi Dome and various come locally in Egypt and internationally as well.


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