Avoid Use of Laptop on Your Lap Change your Habit:

Change Your Habit:

If you use to work on your laptop computer with it sitting on your lap, heating up your legs? If so, you might change this habit quickly.

Switzerland university researcher’s stated that use of laptop for a long time may involve you in “toasted skin syndrome” and it suffers you soon completely black spots on your lap According to the research many patients above parts of their legs have burn black marks found of several weeks of continuous use of laptop from six to eight hours.  Such incidents have been happened of coal workers to sit in front of fire and use of hot blanket.

Laptop lap burn 123


In one recent case, a 12-year-old boy developed a sponge-patterned skin discoloration on his left thigh after playing computer games a few hours every day for several months. According to research between 109.4 to 116.6 ° Fahrenheit heats can easily burn skin.  Use of laptop in future is rising; this kind of diagnosis of disease will increase.  Researcher’s noted that chronic, prolonged skin inflammation can potentially increase chances for squamous cell skin cancer, which is more aggressive than the most common skin cancer. But it’s uncertain; computer use would lead to cancer since it’s so easy to avoid prolonged close skin contact with laptops.

Toasted skin


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One Response to Avoid Use of Laptop on Your Lap Change your Habit:

  1. Noor Mohammad Arbab says:

    Nice and useful information for those who use laptops.Thanks!


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