World Aids Day HIV/AIDS 2010/2011:

World Aids Awareness Day:

This is the elevated time to adopt and implement strategy against HIV/ AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome for & Human Immuno-deficiency Virus which each association, and individual was equally responsible to participate in the interest of society. We have to eliminate the disease before they destroy our generation. It is our keen responsibility to organize rally and spread awareness and it is our duty to participate in this kinds of rally that of benefits for our society.

world aids day


And we should arranged seminars and conferences to raise awareness about the prevention of this fatal disease. It is need of educating the masses covering all aspects, which could lead the prevalence of HIV/AIDS. Only education and awareness can stop this fatal disease in spreading among the people of the country nationally and internationally.

Pakistan Estimation:

Approximately 70 to 80 thousand HIV/AIDS affected people have been estimated in Pakistan, Africa and Europe and America is highly affected from this deadly disease, especially India in this regards. The expert related to this field should stressed the need of launching mass awareness campaign in order to provide information of adopting safety measures to the people so that they could save themselves in receiving the HIV/AIDS virus among their bodies.

Media Role:

Media can do a lot for the betterment of all worlds’ society by doing this it can spread education and awareness about this deadly disease which is growing day by day and it is the matter of great concern. If media not promoting obscenity, then our young people will not involve in bad activities. That’s why Islam emphasis on (Hijab) so that woman can safe from bad thinking people. All the government of the world to spread awareness for the prevention of this fatal and deadly disease and also asked the media to run special programs for the common people in this regard. So that common man knows about the dangerous results of this disease.


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One Response to World Aids Day HIV/AIDS 2010/2011:

  1. Ishfaq Ahmed says:

    Very informative,,we must forward this to make awareness among the ppl.


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