High Speed Train in the World History:China New World record In Train:

High technology is now streaming very fast that’s why, there’s more news coming out more regularly now. China and US is now building up high technology rail projects which is now ahead with continual development and china is now included in largest high speed rail network in the new world. Recently china opened up a new 220-km line between Shanghai and Hangzhou. It is the fastest train in the world which is run between these two cities of china. In its first test running of this train it is reportedly that it runs fast 400 kph (249 mph) and setting and placed a new world record in train/rail technology.

china high speed train

High Speed Train:

This most recent growth of China’s high-speed rail system, its total length is now up to 7431 kilometers (4617 miles).  Moreover it’s estimated that by 2020, 90 percent of Chinese population will have access to high-speed rail. China endeavors that it will connect its high speed train project to 17 other countries in the globe, it will include London, UK. It’s the huge and largest infrastructure high speed train project in the world. Especially in this field I mean high speed train/rail system US is about enough behind in high speed train projects against China’s.

US is not spending its money in kind of projects so that the people of America can also benefited by high and fastest speed train. When people of America would fell a little disappointed, but US is also working sufficiently in this kind of high speed train projects and there are some features below in this regard.

  • In America, people will be able to travel from downtown Los Angeles to San Francisco in approximately 2.5 hours on this kind of system, network.
    The speed of the trains will go up to 220 mph, close to the fastest trains in the world, but not as fastest as the Chinese new world record train holder.
  • The California high-speed train system project will creates a lot of jobs approximately 600 thousand construction new jobs and additionally 450 thousands permanent jobs which will be better for the citizens of American.

Largest Public project:

In California it will be the largest public works project in 50 years.
In the coming future this, High-speed train uses 1/3 the energy per passenger of airplanes, 1/5 the energy per passenger of automobiles.

Other developed countries in this world must think about it and start such kind of projects for betterment of their people they should not spend money on weapon of mass destruction. Lets the world free of terrorism and global warming.


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