Disability Awareness:

People Must Know about the Disability:

A person with a disability as somebody who has a physical or mental impairment that significantly limits one or more "major life activities is called disabled person OR handicap.
People with disabilities frequently suffer from being labeled by their disability and are faced with prejudice. Since people with disabilities are sometimes alienated from the mainstream because of their particular requirement they may also struggle with inclusion.

Normal people of the society often make guess and judge people with disabilities without knowing the reality or getting to know the person. Suffering from a disability does not make a person inferior; all people deserve respect. Positive language makes powerful those with disabilities. Stay away from simplification and unpleasant labels when speaking to or about people with disabilities.


About khaproojanu

Assalm-o-Alaikum: How are You Dear Friends! My name is Zafar Ullah Khan. I am the Person with Special Needs. I am interested in Blogging, Articles writing, web content writer, and MS-office applications. I have Master degree in Political science and Graduate degree in Economics.
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