SIM Registration Pakistan:

SIM Registration:


People in Pakistan are now aware in the news papers about the fact and reality that their cell phone number ownership is necessary. And their cell phone number must be on his/her name not on fake. If you are using your SIM without registration, you must be registered it immediately, as soon as possible.

sim card

Step 1:


To check out the existing owner of your SIM that currently you are using. So the procedure is easy and simple. In your message area type your Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) number and send it to 668. Then after a while you will receive detail information regarding ownership. If the SIM owner is your name then consider yourself safe otherwise get your SIM to register as soon as possible.

Step 2:


For SIM registration it is so simple, take your SIM card along with your original Computerized National Identity Card CNIC to your concerned customer service from where you have got this SIM, and ask them to please register this SIM on your name. Remember both things must be with you SIM card and original CNIC.


Step 3:

There are several benefits of registering your SIM!

  1. The most important factor to register your SIM in your name is that using un-register SIM is un-lawful act and in exchange of that you can be punished.
  2. In case, your SIM is not registered, it may be blocked anytime by the cellular companies. Cellular companies are blocking all unregistered SIM’s in this regard.
  3. In case you misplace your SIM. Then it is necessary to provide original ID card to get a duplicate SIM, if you were using a un-registered SIM then you may never get a duplicate SIM. 

This is an outstanding way out to cope with identity fraud in SIMs registration process from different cellular companies in Pakistan. We must admire this step taken by PTA (Pakistan Telecom Authority). & The Government of Pakistan.

Govt of Pakistan PTA

Keep in mind and make sure that you block all those numbers straight away, which are not in your use. Because this sort of act can create difficulty for you.


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5 Responses to SIM Registration Pakistan:

  1. Ahmad Bilal says:

    if i purchase a new sim,
    then what i have to do for registration???


  2. nafis says:

    thank you very good info about sim reg.


  3. I have purchased the SIM tree years before and not used since long then what i have to do for registration.


  4. I have purchased the SIM tree years before and not used since long then what i have to do for registration ?


  5. Ishfaq Ahmed says:

    Dear Khalid Mehmood
    Regarding ur question, there is a certain time period of SIM, after that period ur sim will expire automatically. so do not worry abt registration after 3 years.


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