China’s BYD New Electric Car:

Chinese auto company BYD plans to bring on all electric car in enough members to the US market in 2010. The company chairman Wang chuanfu told the wall street journal that the company which part owned by investor, Warren Buffet is now gearing up for a us push It plans to raise money by offering shares in the company in china to help finance the expansion .The car which takes 7 to 9 hours is fully charge and has 250-mile range.

byd logo 


Although BYD is still not well known with most consumers, the company has got a lot of attention, because of 230 $ million investment. BYD appears to be one of the front runners in making electric cars for the ass market. It has five seats. Initially it is available to government agencies, utilities and may be some celebrities in a specific region. As well as for second production line for automobile Lithium-Ion batteries near BYD Shenzhen headquarters.

byd car 

Range and Capacity:

The capacity of the batteries allowing a range of 100 plus miles. It is 35 KWH lithium-Latinate solution battery packs. The nominal voltage of the modules and the 35 KW battery pack is 13.6 V and 380 V respectively. An on board charger which will allow for 5 to 6 hours charging from 220 V outlet. The phoenix SUT and SUV. The range is approximately 130 miles. We are currently working on extending the range to 250 miles.


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5 Responses to China’s BYD New Electric Car:

  1. riaz yousaf says:

    Good job,keep it up


  2. Ishfaq Ahmed says:

    These cars must also be introduce to third world countries whome sufferign energy crises a lot.
    Good information must be spred to all.


  3. range on one charge is 300 km
    Blogger KAS


  4. Noor Mohammad says:

    Good information about this electric car of BYD.


  5. shahmir arbab says:

    Nice info about china’s new developments in car.


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