South Asia Disability Forum in Pakistan:


Pakistan is now establishing the new welfare organization in the country (South Asia Disability Forum) for the betterment of disabled people. This decision was taken on the occasion of Regional Leadership Conference for people with disabilities. The decision announced by the Federal Minister for social welfare and special education, British council, Special Talent Exchange Program (STEP), Telenor Pakistan and Sight Savers. These organizations were present during the occasion. More than 150 representatives with disabilities from the country and abroad participated in this event.

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South Asia Disability forum:

The participants of the conference suggested that the, South Asia Disability Forum secretariat will be located in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. International NGO’S and other partner’s including the newly established organization SADF is expected to play a key role in the development of disabled people, this is its first priority. In this special occasion, the secretary for social welfare and special education also announced that we will increased special job quota from 2 to 3 percent. Which is reserved by the government for the disabled people.


Further Step Should be taken:

The participants has also indicated and urged to this point that there is growing concern of disability within the region and further step should taken into this regard. There is special arrangement in Europe and in United states for the development of disabled people. But unfortunately in south asia and in third world countries there is no disability awareness. The newly establish organization SADF is an excellent step towards disabled people development. So that people with disabilities are entitled to enjoy the same rights, privileges and other useful opportunities as other citizens.

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Unsuitable Terminologies:

The participants of the conference also indicated to the unsuitable terminologies which are used by the normal people of the local society against disabled people. The participants of the occasion has stressed that people must used and take appropriate words about disabled people. The participants stressed that the stakeholders should raise disability awareness in general public. The judicial system and administrative authorities must take serious measures in this regard. They also urged South Asian countries to focus on health, education and community involvement of disabled people to make them useful citizens and they also participate in the country’s social and economic progress and so that they lived in their local community with honor and dignity.

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Assalm-o-Alaikum: How are You Dear Friends! My name is Zafar Ullah Khan. I am the Person with Special Needs. I am interested in Blogging, Articles writing, web content writer, and MS-office applications. I have Master degree in Political science and Graduate degree in Economics.
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5 Responses to South Asia Disability Forum in Pakistan:

  1. Noor Mohammad says:

    Excellent step from pakistan for the disabled people and good informative article thanks!


  2. Noor Mhammad Arbab says:

    We need many such multinational organizations in Pakistan for the development and enhancement of poor and disabled people, mainly because Pakistani Government is unable to privide such facilities.


  3. zaheer says:

    I have come to know through some reliable sources
    that some vacancies above mentioned are lying vacant under your kind
    control; I offer service for the same .
    I am handicapped but due disability i have passed my matriculation with science.It is therefore requested that may I may please be appointed on handicapped Quota basis.

    You are requested that I may please be appointed and his step will be benefit for the handicapped person the Bio-Data of mine as under.

    My Particulars are under as:

    Name : Zaheer

    Father Name : Abdul Ghafoor

    Date Of birth : 21-11-1983

    C-NIC No : 42301-6244143-7

    Qualification : Matriculation with Science

    Adress : Ali Muhammad Mohalla,
    Kalri Lyari Town Karachi
    Shek Masjid 14/9 Street No: 7 Block : B

    Cell No : 00924-0322-2280247

    I assure you sir, if you give me a chance to serve in your esteemed organization.I am poor family.My father is dead.I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers.I am biggest son of my parent. Please help me and give a job in any where ,
    Thanks You Sir,
    Yours faithfully



  4. Khalid Burni says:

    I saw your web today and i want to be a member of your said SADF.
    I am the chairman of “ALAY-SHOUKAT Welfare Trust (r), am doing “help myself” basis and have aim & trying to rehabilitate poor deserving physical disable (special) persons by teaching them technical repairing courses and i have a cheapest and workable idea.
    Your are requested to please allow me tbe your member but still i have one talk that may be i did not have money for paying the membership fee, but please make this possible because i am a truthful person and i run my idea on my minimum capacity so may be at now i did’nt.


  5. Amjad says:

    my name is amjad and i am disable from my lage but i can do every thing and i have done F,sc in computer science and i want to do something and i want to become a member of SADF. if you give me a chance thanks alot.


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