Pakistan Floods 2010 (Massive Flood In Pakistan Thousands dead)

The Kabul River was the main cause of the flood. The Nowshera district in khyberpakhtunkhwa province is the worst flood affected area in the country. But the concerned local administrative is ill-equipped to cope with this drastic situation. There is massive scale destruction in this area, one couldn’t imagine. There is a destroyed infrastructure and flooded houses. There are so many people who have homeless. Most of the people came out in a single cloth. They have left everything in the rubble of their houses. Like other parts of this area the cantonment area was also affected by the flooded water, area like Armor corps Headquarter, military offices army mess and other offices in the area. The official residences are also submerged in the deep water. All the flood affected people of that area and surrounding have been shifted to ASC colony, Armor colony.

flood 1 

Local Administration:



The local administrative said that the lack of resources was the basic and main obstacle to deal with the flood in this area. The concerned authorities stressed that the most urgent and essential needs of the flood affected people are tents, food commodities, clean drinking water, milk for children and non food items. Most of the displaced people have been taken shelter with relatives and friends in the safe area of ASC colony and Armor colony. Many people have been accommodated in the government school. The local people in these colonies have also provide shelter and other life requirements to these flood affected people on the basis of human rights. This is the excellent example to help these affected people.

Welfare Organization:

flood 2


The local government administrations along with other welfare organization have established camps in the safe area. The flood affected people asked the government to provide them basic needs but there is an absence of the administrative authorities. In these camps, there is a doctor with large quantity of medicines providing medical care to the patient. Most of the necessary work has done by the Army men with the help of Helicopter and boats. The government authorities and elected government representatives were critically criticized by the flood affected people of that area and other parts of the province. A huge property and expensive lives have been lost in this massive flood. The properties cost is in billion.

UN Agencies:


Most of the countries and UN agencies have provided basic requirements to these people. A rough estimated death figure is 1500 to 2000. an official death figure is 777. Besides these homes all their belongings and their love one having been washed away in this devastating flood. The flood water was 300 thousand cusecs, and now the huge flood water is passing in the sindh province which is about one-million cusecs. Now the relief working is going to continue.. A lot animals like buffalo, cows and goats have been died in this flood. Now there is very dirty smell in the area which is also disturbing the people.

flood 3

Diseases Spreading:


A contagious disease is now spreading in the area like cholera and 3 people has been died because of this disease. Communication system was severely affected and electricity remained suspended. Roads and bridges have been destroyed by the flood water so there is difficulty in relief work. Camps have been established on the road side of motorway. Some people are living under open sky. But instead of all these measure government must take serious and concrete step in this regard. They must provide life requirements to these flood affected people.



New Developments:

More than 7.5 million people have been displaced since the flood day.I.8 million agriculture lands have been destroyed. More than 1600 people have been died because of the severe flood. Ten million homes have been destroyed for the last one month. For the complete rehabilitation government need 43 billion dollars. And it will take about 3 years for complete development and rehabilitation.


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5 Responses to Pakistan Floods 2010 (Massive Flood In Pakistan Thousands dead)

  1. haris arbab says:



  2. Noor Mohammad says:

    Dear I have seen this picture and your article about the drastic flood in pakistan it’s very sad to saw all these May ALLAH forgive them and help them. Thanks.


  3. Bilal Zeb says:

    Very detailed articles.. Nice writ up!


  4. Saifullah says:

    Thats very informant website, i never thought the disaster will be this huge from the flood. Gov and Army surely are helping but thats not enough. Pakistan need a lot more help from our Muslim countries and the West.


  5. Ishfaq Ahmed says:

    very informative, now its the time for us to come forward and help these people.


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