The basics of special education:

Special Education:

Special education is consists of an education program that is modified to suit students that need help against normal students. It is most commonly used for students with learning disabilities, mental health problems of gifted students that can grow to their full potential in normal schools. Special education systems usually modify their methods according to the need of each student. Some students may need extra help when trying to learn a specific or certain lesson, some need more stimulation or others need supplementary tasks in order to perform at their true value. And to show their ability.

special education 1

Rights of special students:

In some countries associations and government departments were funded in order to protect the rights of children with disabilities. These associations force the education authorities to help any child that wants to study but has a disability.. People used to take special care of children that needed help to study.

Usually, children go to school from the age 6 or 7, but after some studies, it was decided that kids with disabilities should begin a Special education as early as possible in order to evolve properly.

Special Arrangements:

The most advanced countries in this field are the United States and Scotland. The level of Special education differs from country to country and that has a direct connection with the level of society acceptance. The countries that offer Special education have many different programs according to each person’s needs and available fund. They can include integrated classes, therapy, family meetings or special equipment. Special education can only be provided by specialized personnel and with special resources. Their effects are important in the evolution of a child’s condition. Most of the special schools must have a counselor or a therapist.

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However, in the last years special schools are not that important, since in some areas, teens with disabilities are included into mainstream education and join normal schools. But there will always be some kids that need special attention and a normal school can only do them harm.

Pakistan has been also struggling to help the special people with disabilities since many years. There are now special education centre to help the special children. Many non government organizations are working in this regard. One of the most special education organizations is STEP (Special Talent Exchange Program). Private sector is also working for the betterment of disabled society. Telenor Pakistan a renowned mobile company in Pakistan launches a special career program (Naya Qadam) for the disabled people. Government of Pakistan has already been reserved a 2% Quota special employment seats for the disabled class in most of the institution.


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