NAYA QADAM (New Step):

Telenor Pakistan:

launches Naya Qadam for Disabled people in Pakistan.

Telenor Pakistan in collaboration with Disabled Welfare Association (DWA) — one of the country’s foremost social welfare organizations for disabled — has launched Naya Qadam. The project aims to empower persons with physical disabilities by making them partners in retail. Telenor Pakistan has become the country’s first mobile operator to do so.

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As part of the Naya Qadam project, DWA will loan out specially designed motorcycle-cum-shops, sponsored by Telenor Pakistan, to select physically disabled individuals. These shops-on-wheels are designed so that people with disabilities can easily use them, and display and sell their sale items on the move. In an attempt effort yet unprecedented in the telecommunications sector, Telenor Pakistan has also arranged for the physically handicap entrepreneurs to become retailers for its most popular product, Easy Load, in order for the entrepreneurs to earn a respectable living. To boost their income further, they will also be able to sell small snack items from the built-in tuck boxes on the motorcycles.

Telenor Pakistan Executive:

Vice President Irfan Wahab Khan explaining the aim of the project said, “The objectives of the project are to direct attention to the potential of our physically challenged community, and to provide them with a decent opportunity to be part of the booming telecom business. These are talented individuals, and if we can give them their much-needed mobility and an honest business opportunity, they can take care of their families with the integrity all of us deserve.”

Describing the Naya Qadam project, DWA’s President Javed Rais said, “We appreciate Telenor Pakistan’s support and the fact that they consider us partners that ask only for equal opportunity. According to WHO, close to a tenth of Pakistan’s population has some disability? So we hope that the public, corporate and social sectors will come forward for the betterment disabled people in the country.

telenor Pak

About DWA:

Disabled Welfare Association (DWA) is a Karachi-based welfare organization that works to obtain the due rights of persons with disabilities, and to make them more inclusive in society by participating in mainstream events. It helps to provide them economic resources by promoting self-employment, financial support, and loans. It also provides medical and physical rehabilitation facilities and assistive devices such as wheelchairs, tricycle, crutches and accessible motorbikes handicap in the society.


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