New and Latest electric Cars for US-Market:


Think City is Oslo-based electric car Manufacturer Company. This company introduces and launches its first electric car for Europe market, the manufacturer plant is situated in Finland. The CEO of the company announced that the Think Company will make their first electric car in December, 2011 at the newly build up car manufacturer company plant Indiana. The current name of the new car is Think City. Company is considering selling its first newly less compacted car in US market, on early basis in October 2010. This new electric car models will imported from Finland. MR Richard Canny CEO the company has added more that the company will increase the production till January, 2011.


Think company is preparing the planning to make investment about $50 million in its plant at Elkhart County, Indiana. The company is expecting that they get approximately $20 million in Subsidy from the US government in the form of tax incentives and human resources development funds. To stimulate the people for the greater output due to the newly electric car performance. Think City electric car will be competent to drive more than 100 miles in a single charge. Its top speed nearly 73 miles/hr. which is great achievement and suitable for an urban car. It is an excellent model and compact design. It has enough space for the family of four in numbers. The car has two seats in the front and two small comfortable seats for the children. The cost of the car is about $30.000, after the deduction of tax Credit of $7500. the company has installed Lithium-Ion-Batteries, it is made by ENER: 1, Incorporated!


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2 Responses to New and Latest electric Cars for US-Market:

  1. zafar khan says:

    Dear friend:Great article if we produce such a cars then we will obtain our goal to stop environmental pollution.


  2. sonia says:

    dear frend i read this artical i like it so muchh i want more information about such cars like that if these cars sold in cheap then all people afford it and we control environmental pollution keep it up nice very nice.


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