Sustainable Maintain Living House Stead:

sustainable homestead

Durable, maintain, self sufficient, sustainable, energy independent living house stead are possible with the help of renewable energy for example, solar greenhouse, PV panels, solar collectors, windmill and solar thermal roofs are required for this purpose. DIY solar heated greenhouse can provide food throughout the year, and it is also useful for the seedling off (the process in which plant raise by seed and not from cutting). So it is an excellent start for the development of organic garden.

Bob’s MTD House:


In Canada there is a Bob’s MTD, DIY solar heated greenhouse. He placed his system on the south wall of the greenhouse; it’s a large vertically glazed with sunlight. The MTD solar thermal roof with a measurement a 6’×15′. Both the system absorbs heat excessively in a excellent manner. The water normally and gradually flow in the collectors from the top to down area, and accumulated in PVC drain at the bottom. From here the water regulates step by step in various channels of heat storage drum, which located inside the greenhouse. Tomato and pepper plants are set aside in early starts inside garden in the spring season.

Bobs Greenhouse

Richard Heiliger House:


Now this is another example of Richard Heiliger. His homestead is situated in Northern Utah USA State. When the temperature is fall down to -20° F. He uses MTD collectors to provide heat to his house in the winter. At this year, Richard is able to obtain heat from the sunlight throughout the day and when the snow falling is stopped. He stored the heat in his collectors for consumption. The heat which is stored in his 250-gallon tank, regrettably to say that it is gone, so he turns for aid to burning wood. If draining of water from the collectors is continuously flow as soon as the pump shut down then, freezing is not a problem with MTD system. Bob home in long island there is he has a water storage chamber with a Sun shed. The water inside in his chamber never freezes.

sustainbale richard heiliger 

On January 09:


When the outside temperature was fell down to -5° F and the stored water temperature is 50° F then in this situation it is quite obvious, that the heat is not stored according to our requirements when the Sun shed is covered with snow, but instead of this, the stored heat three 60-gallon drum was sufficient to cure the products of paint. Farmers get benefited from the Sun heat, they used this energy to grow wheat, corn and raise the production cows, chickens along with different varieties of fruits and vegetables. Maintain, sustainable and independent living is benefited and achieved by the farmers who clearly know how to harvest, stored and sell the energy which is obtain from the sunlight energy. It is not necessary to become a farmer, but you need a little determination to get advantage from the sunlight. Lastly to say that, save the world, save energy, save money and earn reasonable money from the MTD solar heating system so it is all up to all of you. Go for the GREEN!


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