Solar Power and its Types:

When anyone need of solar energy for the home, there are many kinds of solar energy. There are two parts of solar energy, one is the method used to get energy, and the other is the type of energy that it is converted into power to fulfill one’s needs.

There are two methods used for converting energy into useful power and these are the Passive and Active Energies. These energies are useful methods that could be utilized to make your home go 70% solar power, thus these helping you saving hundreds of dollars on electric charges. Types are mentioned below.

solar types


Form of energy accumulating method is done without using any specific device. It is a natural form of letting the sunlight into your house, through south facing window, that gives light, heat and energy needed for the specific uses.


This method refers to using technical devices for storing and converting energy, such as solar panels for battery chargers, water heating systems etc. This form is more widely used and is in development, with more and more devices being added to the list each day.
Now these energies are further divided into applications and equipments that are used to make your home a solar powered house, it means ever green.


Using the natural way to get energy, homes are now built with the windows facing south so that the heat could be gained and the energy could be absorbed. For this reason, not any type of window will do. There has to be a special kind of window that suits and reasonable with this solar energy.


Just like passive heating is to make south windows for heat to come into the house, passive cooling is all about designing your house to take benefit of landscapes and cool breezes which will minimize the heat gain and yet keep your home ventilated.


Active heating has the same goal like passive heating, albeit it uses devices for this purpose. The devices could be liquid based or air based. The liquid based systems use water tanks for heat storage and are distributed through radiant slab systems or hot-water baseboards.


Now if you want to have hot water for winters, you no longer have to do so with electric heaters. All you have to do is heat the water in solar collectors, a device that is kept at a place where the sun’s heat hits the most.


To have hot and warm air during the winter days, use a thermal mass that can hold heated air for distribution. Then install ducts and blowers for the air to be distributed.
These systems are just a vague idea of how solar energy can actually help your home and help you reduce electric charges. If you need to design a home, make sure you make it more solar dependent rather than electric dependent. because electricity is very expensive now a days.


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